All-New!  Arcticor COOLER VIEW Float

All-New! Arcticor COOLER VIEW Float

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The All-New Arcticor COOLER VIEW Float is our latest innovation which doubles as an attractive float engineered to precisely fit your Arcticor Beverage Chiller cooler, AND offers a quick, portable and comfortable view of everything below you in the water.  Crafted using the finest materials available, the versatile COOLER VIEW Float has the following specifications:

  • 30 gauge smooth PVC vinyl:  gloss white on top, Ultra Clear on bottom
  • Two pairs of sleek, heavy-duty handles on each side for 2-person lifting of the float when loaded with an Arcticor Beverage Chilling ice cooler;
  • Another pair of grab handles mounted lower on the long side for support while floating and viewing
  • Boston Valve inflator for easy connection to a raft pump, and near instant deflation when you're ready to pack up 
  • Valve is welded below the PVC to prevent irritation from rubbing up against it
  • Arcticor logo in Marine Blue to perfectly coordinate with all four Arcticor Beverage Chiller colors

Now you can....  

float your cooler nearby all the fun for easy access to your drinks.

have a beverage holder to place your open cans and bottles while you're in the water. *

keep those open cans and bottles floating nearby and ice-chilled to 39-degrees. *

check out what you're curious about being below you in the water!

It's always a good time to have a COOLER VIEW, especially when It's Hot Out!


* Requires purchase of an Arcticor Beverage Chiller, sold separately