COOL Board: Electric Self Balancing Scooters


The board is made up of 2 separate motors that respond to the pressure on the front and back of each pedal. The two pieces are joined in the middle in order to allow you to turn and balance. If you want to move forward, you would apply pressure to the front of your feet (Like tippy toeing). If you wish to go backwards, you would apply pressure to the heel of you feet. In order to turn left, you would apply pressure to the front of your right foot OR apply pressure to the back of your left foot. In order to turn right, you would apply pressure to the front of your left foot OR apply pressure to the back of your right foot. While, this sounds complicated, it is simple once you are on the device. 


  1. While wearing a Helmet, place the device in front of your body on a soft surface; we recommend grass at first and then carpet next. Carefully place one foot on the Hov Board. Try to move one side of the board forward and backwards by applying pressure to the front and back at your foot. 

  2. Once you are able to put one foot on the Hov Board while keep the Hov Board in place, place your other foot on the Hov Board. We recommend the help of a spotter so you can hold onto someone or something during this process.

  3. Once you are on the board, DO NOT BE AFRAID. If you get nervous, the hov board will rock back and forth causing discomfort. We recommend to try to learn to stay still.  Being on a soft surface helps accomplish this.

  4. Once you are steady, try to go forward by placing pressure on your toes, as if you are tippy toeing. Go slow until you are confident. 

  5. Once you can safely move forward, we recommend you try to go backwards.

  6. Practice turning left and right. 

  7. Once you are able to turn left and right, you can try riding in a large circle to practice. 

  8. In order to get off the device, make sure to step off behind the device. DO NOT try to step off in front of the device.
  9. Only ride on a hard surface once you have mastered riding on a soft surface, wearing safety equipment including mandatory use of a helmet.





Balance Board 

User Manual, Safety Precautions and Certifications

AC Charger

Remote Key FOB

Carry Bag


UL Certification for AC Battery Charging Adapter, dated 9/10/2015 and issued by Underwriters Laboratory, LLC.

MSDS Validation for Victpower Li-Ion 36V/4400mAh (158Wh) batteries, dated 1/6/2016 and issued by Shenzhen HSO. Test Technology Co., Ltd.  

CE, FCC, RoHS certifications

Ingress Protection Waterproof Rating of 54 (see

Copies of battery and charger certification documents are included in the shipment of each board and available via PDF upon request.

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