Arcticor Beverage Chilling Cooler

Aqua Blue

OUTSIDE:  4 OPEN Cans and Bottles at 39°

INSIDE:  Up to 20lbs of ICE + 24 Drinks

Any cooler can keep your unopened drinks cold when stored inside, but what happens once taken out and opened up?  Ever throw out the last of your drink because it's too warm?

Not with Arcticor!  Now, even open drinks can stay ICE COLD with our cooler's patented side drink holders that keep cans and bottles immersed in ice.  The last sip is cold as the first!

Arcticor comes standard with 4 drink holder lids for when not in use, 1 dry goods top tray, and an inch of dense insulation within it's colorful sculpted walls.

Offered in a four Beach Ball colors, Arcticor is a one-of-a-kind cooler and the world’s first non-electric product that keeps your drinks cold both IN AND OUT of the cooler!  Watch the time-lapse video below to see how Arcticor performs out in the 90-degree heat, keeping the open soda can at 39-degrees COLD!

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